Friday, 8 February 2008

Embedded routes and photos on walking logs

I would really like to do what you can do with EveryTrail (see earlier posts) with OS mapping.

The Ordnance Survey have just announced the launch of OpenSource for developers. This looks like rather hard work unless you are used to Java programming.

Anquet tell me that they are soon to launch something similar to EveryTrail but with OS mapping so I will be interested to see how that pans out. However, there are licensing restrictions with showing OS maps on websites, so I will be getting in touch with OS to see exactly what the situation is. Watch this space.


Michael Elcock said...

Now have an answer from Ordnance Survey as follows:

The Anquet product is licensed for your personal use only and will not extend to use on a website. However, subject to you obtaining separate permission from Anquet, our Internet Licence will allow you to put scanned copies of the Anquet product on your website.

Our Internet licence allows licensees to show raster or bitmap images, for example gif or jpeg, of map extracts up to 200 cm2 at source scale for an annual licence fee. Up to 10 x 200 cm2 extracts can be placed on a web site for our minimum annual licence fee of £47.50 plus VAT. Additional 200 cm2 extracts are charged at an extra £4.75 plus VAT each.

If you require this licence please download the application form shown on this page of our website:

Or alternatively you can request to be sent a paper copy to complete and return.

As an alternative, OS OpenSpace is a free Ordnance Survey service that allows you to embed Ordnance Survey maps covering England, Scotland and Wales in your web applications using our Javascript® application programming interface (API). You can build your own web application as long as it is non-commercial and complies with the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement. Further details can be found on our website at

Thank you for contacting us about this matter, I hope you find this information useful.


Emma Cutler
Senior Service Advisor
Customer Service Centre, Ordnance Survey "

Michael Elcock said...

I have received this response from Anquet:

Anquet MARs will support GPX as well. The system will also automatically generate a route profile and route card for display. The routes, although stored on the Anquet server will belong to the user who uploaded them, unless they want to release it to the public across all our partners. The upload function can be located on your website as well as being hosted on our website when we officially launch MARS.

The response from Emma Cutler of OS, it about our standard Anquet Maps product, when you export out a map image for static mpeg use on your site and does not relate to the Anquet MARS solution.

The idea behind Anquet MARS, is that it makes the publishing of routes simple (and free for personal users i.e. under 10,000 impressions), as you don’t need to seek a publication license from the OS as we have already put and paid for such as license.

I hope this helps your discussion. If you need further information don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards
Akil Chomoko

Commercial Director
Anquet Maps
0207 099 5258